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Psalms and Hymns: From First to Last

by Psalms and Hymns

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baa055 The lyrics I memorized in grade school always remained with me. But hearing this new melody put a whole new spin on this favorite hymn. Favorite track: Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness.
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O God, be gracious to us and bless us, make your face shine down upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all the nations. Chorus: May the peoples praise you, O God, may all the peoples praise you. Let the nations be glad and sing, sing for joy, for you rule all the peoples justly and you guide all the nations of the earth. Bridge: Then the earth will yield its harvest and God, our God, will bless us, and the ends of the earth will fear him.
Jesus invites His saints To meet around His board; Here pardoned rebels sit and hold Communion with their Lord. For food He gives His flesh, He bids us drink His blood; Amazing favor! matchless grace Of our descending God! Christ, our Lamb, has been given for us. Come, let us keep the feast. The gifts of God for the people of God. Come, let us keep the feast. This holy bread and wine Maintains our fainting breath, By union with our living Lord, And interest in His death. Our heav’nly Father calls Christ and His members one; We the young children of His love, And He the first-born Son. We are but several parts Of the same broken bread; One body hath its several limbs, But Jesus is the Head. Let all our powers be joined His glorious name to raise; Pleasure and love fill every mind, And every voice be praise.
From depths of woe I raise to Thee The voice of lamentation; Lord, turn a gracious ear to me And hear my supplication; If Thou iniquities dost mark, Our secret sins and misdeeds dark, O who shall stand before Thee? To wash away the crimson stain, Grace, grace alone availeth; Our works, alas! are all in vain; In much the best life faileth: No man can glory in Thy sight, All must alike confess Thy might, And live alone by mercy. Therefore my trust is in the Lord, And not in mine own merit; On Him my soul shall rest, His Word Upholds my fainting spirit: His promised mercy is my fort, My comfort, and my sweet support; I wait for it with patience. What though I wait the livelong night, And till the dawn appeareth, My heart still trusteth in His might; It doubteth not nor feareth: Do thus, O ye of Israel’s seed, Ye of the Spirit born indeed; And wait till God appeareth. Though great our sins and sore our woes, His grace much more aboundeth; His helping love no limit knows, Our utmost need it soundeth. Our Shepherd good and true is He, Who will at last His Israel free. From all their sin and sorrow.
O for a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free, A heart that always feels Thy blood So freely shed for me. O for a heart to praise my God, O for a heart to praise my God, O for a heart to praise my God, From sin set free. A heart resigned, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer’s throne, Where only Christ is heard to speak, Where Jesus reigns alone. Fruit of Thy gracious lips, on me Bestow that peace unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone. Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart; Come quickly from above; Write Thy new name upon my heart, Thy new, best name of Love.
Christ, of all my hopes the Ground; Christ, the Spring of all my joy; Still in Thee may I be found, Still for Thee my powers employ, Still for Thee my powers employ. Let Thy love my heart inflame; Keep Thy fear before my sight; Be Thy praise my highest aim; Be Thy smile my chief delight, Be Thy smile my chief delight. Fountain of overflowing grace, Freely from Thy fullness give; Till I close my earthly race, May I prove it “Christ to live!” May I prove it “Christ to live!” When affliction clouds my sky, And the wintry tempests blow, Let Thy mercy beaming eye Sweetly cheer the night of woe. Sweetly cheer the night of woe. Firmly trusting in Thy blood, Nothing shall my heart confound; Safely I shall pass the flood, Safely reach Emmanuel’s ground, Safely reach Emmanuel’s ground. When I touch the blessèd shore, Back the closing waves shall roll; Death’s dark stream shall never more Part from Thee my ravished soul, Part from Thee my ravished soul. Thus, O thus, an entrance give To the land of cloudless sky; Having known it “Christ to live,” Let me know it “gain to die,” Let me know it “gain to die.”
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness My beauty are, my glorious dress; ’Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed, With joy shall I lift up my head. Lord, I believe Thy precious blood, Which, at the mercy seat of God, Forever doth for sinners plead, For me, e’en for my soul, was shed. Jesus, the endless praise to Thee, Whose boundless mercy hath for me— For me a full atonement made, An everlasting ransom paid. Bold shall I stand in Thy great day; For who aught to my charge shall lay? Fully absolved through these I am From sin and fear, from guilt and shame. O let the dead now hear Thy voice; Now bid Thy banished ones rejoice; Their beauty this, their glorious dress, Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness.
God is our Refuge and Strength A Help in time of need So we will not fear though the earth should give way Or the mountains crash into the sea Be still and know that He is God For He is exalted above all the nations Be still and know that He is God For He is exalted in all the earth Come and see the works of the Lord The wonders he’s wrought with His hands Nations fall and kingdoms roar But the earth obeys all His commands Unto the ends of the earth Wars into peace he turns: The bow he breaks, the spear he cuts, With fire, the chariot he burns. The Lord of Hosts is with us The God of Jacob our Fortress.
How vast the benefits divine which we in Christ possess! We are redeemed from guilt and shame and called to holiness. But not for works which we have done, or shall hereafter do, Hath God decreed on sinful men salvation to bestow. The glory, Lord, from first to last, is due to Thee alone; Aught to ourselves we dare not take, or rob Thee of Thy crown. Our glorious Surety undertook to satisfy for man, And grace was given us in Him before the world began. This is Thy will, that in Thy love we ever should abide; That earth and hell should not prevail to turn Thy Word aside. Not one of all the chosen race but shall to heav’n attain, Partake on earth the purposed grace and then with Jesus reign.
O Christ, our King, Creator, Lord, Savior of all who trust Thy Word, To them who seek Thee ever near, Now to our praises bend Thine ear. In Thy dear cross a grace is found, It flows from every streaming wound, Whose power our inbred sin controls, Breaks the firm bond, and frees our souls. O Christ, our King, Victor, Friend, Reign through the ages without end. Thou didst create the stars of night, Yet Thou hast veiled in flesh Thy light, Hast deigned a mortal form to wear, A mortal’s painful lot to bear. When Thou didst hang upon the tree, The quaking earth acknowledged Thee, When Thou didst there yield up Thy breath The world grew dark as shades of death. Now in the Father’s glory high Great Conqueror, never more to die, Us by Thy mighty power defend, And reign through ages without end.
O quickly come, dread Judge of all, For, awful though Thine advent be; All shadows from the truth will fall, And falsehood die, in sight of Thee. O quickly come, for doubt and fear Like clouds dissolve when Thou art near. O quickly come, great King of all; Reign all around us, and within; Let sin no more our souls enthrall, let pain and sorrow die with sin. O quickly come, for Thou alone Canst make Thy scattered people one. O quickly come, true Life of all; For death is mighty all around; On every home his shadows fall, On every heart his mark is found. O quickly come, for grief and pain Can never cloud Thy glorious reign. O quickly come, sure Light of all For gloomy night broods o’er our way; And weakly souls begin to fall With weary watching for the day. O quickly come, for round Thy throne No eye is blind, no night is known.


released October 21, 2005

Produced by Lance Orton and Eric Priest
Recorded and Mixed by Lance Orton, Blue Couch Studios
Mastered by Bob Boyd, Ambient Digital
Music Composed and Arranged by Eric Priest
Percussion Arranged by Garett Buell

Sue Austin: Cello
Garett Buell: Drums and Percussion
Graham Eubanks: Double Bass
Reese Hazel: Upright Bass
Nils Jonsson: Violin
Kimberly Lamb: Oboe
Ryan Owens: Acoustic Bass
Eric Priest: Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Mandolin, Accordion
Glenna Roscoe: Harmony Vocals


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Psalms and Hymns Houston, Texas

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